Proposed new Articles of Association
In order to register under the Associations, Institutions and other related Matters Act of 2017, the P3A has to adopt new Articles of Association, in place of our existing Constitution.  An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) will be held on 7th December, to approve the new draft.  This remains subject to final approval by the authorities. 
Notification of the EGM will be issued soon.  To view a copy of the proposed new Articles of Association, click here
Existing Constitution dated October 2018
1.1 The name of the Organisation is Paphos Third Age.
1.2 Paphos Third Age is a non-commercial, non-religious, non-political, not for
profit organisation consisting of various interest groups managed by a Committee.
1.3 Its objects are to enable people and in particular those no longer in full time gainful employment and residing (permanently or temporarily) in Paphos and the surrounding locality to extend their knowledge and informal education; also to enable their participation in other physical and social activities, whilst enjoying social contact with other members.
2.1 Membership of Paphos Third Age is open to all persons over the age of 18 years who are interested in furthering the objectives of Paphos Third Age and who have paid the joining fee and annual subscription.
2.2 The Committee may terminate the membership of any individual if the annual subscription is not paid within three months of the due date by giving notice in writing.
2.3 The Committee may also terminate or suspend the membership of any individual who, in the opinion of the committee, acts in a way which is prejudicial to Paphos Third Age, subject to the individual’s right to appeal to the Committee or to an E.G.M (see 6.3.1)
2.4 A member may resign membership by writing to the Membership Secretary.
3.1 Temporary membership may be granted to persons who are visiting Cyprus. The terms and conditions of such membership shall be as may be decided by the Committee from time to time.
3.2 Honorary Membership shall be granted to persons nominated and elected at an AGM by a majority of members present and voting. The nomination process shall be as for the nomination of candidates for the Committee.
3.3 A member may take up to two Guests to any of the Groups which the member attends with the agreement of the Group Leader. Guests may not attend meetings for a period of
more than four weeks in any one year. Guests shall not be charged a joining fee or a subscription.
4.1 The activities and finances of Paphos Third Age shall be managed by a Committee elected by members at the Annual General Meeting. It shall consist of :
4.1.1 Six Officers being Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Groups Coordinator.
4.1.2 Up to three other elected Committee members.
4.1.3 A further two members who may be co-opted by the Committee.
4.2 Committee members shall serve for one year and may then stand for re-election with the exception of the Chair who shall not hold that office for longer than three consecutive years.
4.3 The Committee may appoint sub-committees of members for specific tasks, but always include at least one member of the Committee, who shall advise the Committee of the  sub-committee’s findings.
4.4 The Committee shall have powers to create and amend administrative guidelines, provided that these do not conflict in any way with the constitution.
4.5 Vacancies on the Committee between AGM's shall be filled from the membership 
5.1 There shall be at least four Committee meetings in each year of office.
5.2 Additional meetings may be called by the Chair or at the request of at least one third of the Committee members.
5.3 The Secretary shall give Committee members at least 14 days notice of Committee meetings.
5.4 A quorum shall be at least half the Committee or three Committee members, whichever is greater.
5.5 If necessary the Committee decisions shall be made by a majority vote with the Chair having a casting additional vote in case of a tied vote.
5.6 A summary of the proceedings of meetings shall be kept and these minutes presented for confirmation at the following meeting. The approved minutes shall be made available for inspection by Paphos Third Age members on request.
5.7 A member of the Committee shall cease to hold office if he/she is absent without permission of the Committee for three consecutive meetings.
1. All General Meetings
6.1.1 The Secretary shall give at least 21 days notice of a general meeting to members, who shall be entitled to attend and vote at the meeting.
6.1.2 Accidental omission to give notice to any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of any general meeting.
6.1.3 Resolutions at general meetings shall be passed by a majority vote of the members present and members’ votes arising from signed proxy forms (including scanned copies) registered prior to the meeting, except for a resolution to change the constitution when 6.1.6 shall apply.
6.1.4 The secretary shall be notified of proposed motions or changes to the constitution at least fourteen days, and amendments to such proposals at least seven days, before the meeting. The secretary shall notify members of these proposals and amendments as soon as possible.
6.1.5 For the conduct of the business of a general meeting, a quorum shall comprise the number of members who have arrived by the start of the general meeting.
6.1.6 The constitution shall only be changed by a resolution put to a general meeting at which a quorum of 10% of the membership or 50 members, whichever is the smaller, is present with 2/3 of the members present voting in favour.
2. Annual General Meeting (AGM).
6.2.1 There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Paphos Third Age held before 15th November each year
6.2.2 At the AGM the agenda shall be:
a. Apologies for absence
b. Approval of minutes of previous AGM and any Matters Arising
c. Chair’s report
d. Treasurer’s report, including subscriptions for coming year and presentation of the audited accounts
e. Appointment of Auditor
f. Vote on motions submitted in advance (see 6.1.4)
g. Election of Committee
h. Any Other Business
6.2.3 A Committee for the following year shall be elected. Nominations for election to the Committee, with a seconder and the approval of the nominee, must be made in writing to the Secretary at least 7 days before the AGM. Should nominations exceed vacancies, election shall be by secret ballot of those present at the meeting. At the conclusion of the elections the elected Chair shall take the chair and the new Committee shall take office.
3. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
6.3.1 The Committee may at any time convene an EGM and must do so not later than 28 days following receipt of a written request by 10% of Paphos Third Age members.
6.3.2 Notice of the EGM shall specify the proposals and the business of the EGM shall be restricted to these proposals.
7.1 The Treasurer shall manage the financial affairs of the organisation and present an up to date financial statement at every regular Committee Meeting.
7.2 The Committee shall agree a budget and shall periodically review income and expenditure against this budget.
7.3 The amounts of the joining fee and annual subscription shall be decided by the Committee.
7.4 The funds of the organisation shall be kept in a bank Account designated for the purpose and/or in the form of a cash float or floats also designated for the purpose.  All funds shall be managed solely for the benefit of P3A activities in such terms and such manner as may be decided by the Committee from time to time.
7.5 No member of Paphos Third Age shall receive any payment, salary or remuneration for services rendered to the organisation, except for any specific approved expenses incurred by that member on behalf of the organisation. 
7.6 The Auditor may not be a member of the Committee.
7.7 Paphos Third Age shall not own immovable property.
7.8 The Financial year shall run from 1st September to 31 August
7.9 Assets acquired for use by Paphos Third Age members including equipment and consumable items shall be held in trust by the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer as Trustees
on behalf of all the members.
If the Committee or members decide that it is necessary to dissolve the organisation, an EGM shall be called stating the terms of the resolution proposed. If the proposal is confirmed by a 2/3 majority of those present and voting, the Committee shall have the power to realise any assets held by the organisation. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all proper debts and liabilities shall be given to other such associations or charities having objects similar to the objects of Paphos Third Age.