Date :   Every Tuesday
Time :   10.00
  Venue :   Tala 
  Group Leader:  Brian Hall    Email:
Assistant Group Leader: Richard Webb   Email:
If one of your reasons for coming to Cyprus was a wish to spend many happy mornings in good company, in a scenic location with all facilities, playing an easy to learn game in the fresh air, please read on.  It could be the start of something good. 
Over the past ten years Boules has become a very popular game in the Paphos region.  It is easy to understand why Boules has proved so popular:

Both men and women can play with equal ease. Learning the rules and “ does and don’ts “ takes around 5 minutes. We play outdoors. You do not have to be athletic.

   Once you have bought your boules the cost is minimal.    A set of boules for 2 people is only around 35 euros.

   It is a fun game to play, and yet can be surprisingly exciting.

The most important element of our group is enjoyment. Winning is nice but the important thing is taking part in a friendly game in the fresh air.  We do not have pre-arranged teams. Each week we all draw a number out of a hat to find out who we will be playing with, and who will be on the opposing team.  This means everyone has an equal chance, and provides an ideal way to make new friends.

The venue easy to find, 100 yards below Mario's Bar, just off Tala Square. It is purpose made and has a coffee shop.  Many of us go for lunch afterwards at a local taverna.

If this sounds like something you could get your teeth into, drop me a line.  I think you will be glad you did, and I look forward to welcoming you.