Wally Oppenheim
Message from the P3A Chair Keith Adair
Sadly we recently announced that the long-time leader of this group, Wally Oppenheim, passed away  on Monday May 27th at St Michael’s Hospice in Mesa Chorio (see the June edition of our online magazine Ad Lib.

Wally was a founder member of P3A and had led one or more History groups ever since its inception in 2010.  He also served on the Committee in a number of roles, including Honorary Secretary, a post which he held from 2012 to late 2018.

In e-mails received over recent days people write of “a huge regret that P3A has lost such a dedicated founder and pillar of strength”, “Wally's impact in our lives will always be remembered”, “his contribution to the success of P3A is immense”, “I will never forget the gift of so much knowledge that he gave to me”, “a special teacher”, and “as a Group Leader no other person has come even close to building such a following”.

Many members religiously attended his History Groups, of which he ran three; researching and delivering up to five lectures per month until late 2018. Recently, knowing that he would no longer be able to serve as Group Leader, Wally was heartened to learn that his members felt strongly that the History Groups must continue, albeit in a very different format. In line with this therefore, I urge members who are ready and willing to coordinate the resumption of a History Group - after the summer recess? - to get in contact with myself and Jean Alston (Groups Coordinator) for some assistance.