Photography (Intermediate/Advanced)

Date: Monday, every two weeks starting 17 February
Time : 10.00 am - 12.00 noon
Venue :  Coral Star Restaurant
Group Leader:  David C Hart
Assistant Group Leader:  Liz Unwin  Email:

This Group will provide P3A members the opportunity to expand their photography skills and mature to an intermediate/advanced level of photography by meeting regularly in a mutually supportive environment.

By way of programmes which will include lectures, seminars and workshops combined with unique hands-on practical sessions and field trips, the Group Leaders aim to enhance the photographic skills and knowledge of members who now want to progress beyond the basics.

Members will, of course, need to possess a Digital Camera and a have desire to progress through the sharing of images via our own exhibitions and photographic competitions. We will enhance the use of mobile devices and expand your knowledge to improve those skills, including those and other devices in our planned programme.

Participation in meetings and events, together with a personal aspiration to make a positive difference to your photographic skills, is a prerequisite of this Group.

We propose to invite guest speakers from time-to-time thereby providing the opportunity to learn from specialists in their particular field of work featuring many aspects of photography.

Leader introductions

David C Hart: Group Leader

A one-time professional photographer, now keen amateur, David trained as a professional with the emphasis towards weddings, studio and industrial assignments. He worked with an appointed Royal Photographer and assisted at many prestigious events. Attended Northampton College of Art.

He possesses strong management skills, he became a Sales Trainer during his working career and achieved success at senior management working for a major German company.

Chris Scorer

Chris has a strong competitive edge and particularly in photography. He is a knowledgeable photographer and has enjoyed a measure of success and won awards with his photographic images over the past 5 years.

Chris has presented various photographic skill sessions over the last few years and along with Tom Brown he currently heads up the P3A Photography Group (Basics) which has been very successful to-date.

Tom Brown

Tom will inspire you to take better photographs. He is an excellent tutor who is well skilled in imparting his vast knowledge and practical experience to others. Tom will build your confidence to help you achieve your desires by coaching in both a theoretical and practical way to enrich and enhance your known skills.Through engagement, participation and interactions with all the Group Members, Tom will create a platform to develop your passion for photography.