Get Cooking

Date :   First Meeting:  Monday 16 March
Time :   6.30 pm
  Venue :   Group members' homes
  Group Leader:   Rosalind Walker    Email:
This is a group for people who want to reproduce their favourite recipes and try new dishes. A sociable dining group. We will meet once a month in a group member’s home. The host provides drinks and nibbles and dining area (if they need any help with cutlery etc others in the group can help).

At each meeting every member volunteers to cook either a starter, main course, salad, or dessert from recipes they know well or a completely new recipe.  We come together at the host's house and bring what we have cooked.  We choose the next month’s menu so we all know what we are doing.
We swap recipes with the other members. We cook and we eat well! 

For further details please contact the group leader, Rosalind Walker.